Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gia's First Steps!

I'm so excited because I just got a text from Erica telling me that Gianna has taken her first official steps! They are all down in Florida right now, combining a business trip of Austin's with visiting friends, and it just so happened that Erica and Austin were together when it happened. I'm really so happy for them because Austin has been working so hard lately and I know it's a gift to him to experience that alongside Erica. She said Gia was whining because she was tired and just decided to stand up and walk over to her. I love it!

I took this photo of Gia back at Christmas when she had first started pulling herself up onto her feet:
I feel like this look sorta says just you wait til I'm walking for real, haha! Her first birthday is next weekend so this is super exciting. :) I just love that sweet girl and wish I could be there to see all this, too.  

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