Monday, April 12, 2010

Open with Care!

So, years ago when my parents were first married, they had gone to a party on a regular old Friday night. They were having fun, playing cards, and the group decided on champagne as the drink of choice. Now, I love prosecco, which is an Italian "champagne" if you will, so it wasn't odd to me that everyone would be sitting around drinking the lovely bubbly goodness. Dad wasn't doing so hot with his particular hand of cards so he was the designated bottle opener. Well, wouldn't you know that the bottle he opened was faulty and the cork blew right out into his eye. He is now blind in his right eye and he ended up winning a lawsuit where the bottling company was found to be at fault!

Well, the other night, I had my own mishap with a bottle of prosecco that immediately made me think of Dad. No sooner did I get the wine opener in the cork did it bust. In my hand. I was holding the bottle by its neck, like usual, and the force of the cork popping just busted the top part of the bottle right off:
I'm still amazed that I didn't have a worse cut than I did. Moral of the story? Always open bottles o' bubbly with care. Happy Monday!

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