Monday, April 19, 2010

I Make Bad Salsa

Over the weekend, I wanted to use up a few jalapenos so I decided to make homemade salsa for the first time. I went to the market and got some nice grape tomatoes, red onion, and cilantro. Grape tomatoes certainly aren't standard in salsa but I like them. My gut told me to get the beautiful, plump, juicy looking vine-ripened tomatoes that were just about as perfect as a tomato can be but noooo. Onward.

I got home and gave everything a rough chop before de-seeding some of the jalapeno. I decided on a mixture of cumin and garlic powder as the base seasoning with plenty of salt and fresh pepper. Doesn't it look so bright and promising:
I'm picky when it comes to salsa texture. I do not like chunks and I prefer it to be almost pureed so you can imagine that I was quite excited with how it came out after the food processor:
Well friends, it was awful. I used far too much onion and the entire thing was pretty much an onion salsa. If it wasn't red, I would question if there were even tomatoes in it. Also, it was dry. I knew I should have listened to my gut with the tomatoes. 

How do you screw up salsa?!? I have no idea but I sure managed to. It was not my proudest moment. :P

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