Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Know Why I'm Not Filthy Rich...

I'm not because I would spend every dollar I had on spa treatments like the ones I had this past weekend. I am not ashamed to admit this. Now, I'm not at all one to get my nails done every week or have facials (I still have yet to ever have one!) or shop. I never have cared about that kind of thing. I mean, I talk about how much fresh produce excites me for goodness sake. However, I have never felt better than I did after my time up at Mirbeau Spa.

First off, having a getaway outside this concrete jungle is so necessary to maintain sanity. Even though I was just out of town for my birthday, it amazes me how much I felt like I needed to get away again. (My friends back home would say this is the point I should realize that I'm done with New York. :P) Though I was saddened by the thought of not attending an Easter service on Sunday, I did look very forward to our little excursion.

Mirbeau Inn and Spa is in the town of Skaneateles which is part of the Finger Lakes region up north. There are wineries and farms and such amazing land up there. The drive was long due to low speed limits but it was pretty incredible scenery. We mapped out a route to stop at three different wineries along the way and my very favorite was Fox Run. Their wines have some of the most unique flavor profiles I've had to date and the whole experience was just terrific. Also, who doesn't love this about the owner (taken from their site):

Scott Osborn is a strong advocate of the place of wine in a healthy life-style and he appreciates the health benefits of garlic as well. On a culinary level, as the Fox Run Garlic Festival demonstrates, the pairing of good wine and well-prepared flavorful garlic is nothing short of sublime.

The garlic festival is in August and I'm seriously considering going back for it. :-o Anyway, Scott was there working when we visited and he was so friendly and welcoming. Why oh why is it so rare these days to meet people like that? Sometimes it makes me sad to feel that blown away by meeting someone who is just warm and inviting. At any rate, I bought three bottles of wine at their vineyard alone. We also stopped by Penguin Bay, which has emphasis on sparkling wines, and Glenora which paired beautiful cheeses along with their tastings. All of their cheese is by Yancey's Fancy and, I kid you not, every person on the planet needs the smoked bacon horseradish cheddar. It was incredible.

After the wineries, we arrived at Mirbeau and it was the most darling "village" that reminded me of little German cottages. We had such a nice weekend! The town was half a mile away so we walked everywhere which was perfectly normal to us New Yorkers. ;) We had the infamous Doug's Fish Fry and enjoyed the gorgeous lake and town. I had a rough 6 mile run on Saturday (thanks Doug!) but then completely and totally escaped into my deep tissue massage and pinot noir body scrub. One word: heaven. It was a truly amazing weekend and this sums it up, pink champagne and all:

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