Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekends Are Too Short

I've been so blessed during my time in New York to have friends consistently spend their money and time coming to visit me. Over the years, it's been awesome for me to show people the different apartments I've lived in and to see the ways life has changed for me. One of my very best friends, Brant, is the only person who has visited me every year that I've been here and I just love it! This time, it was even more fun because his lovely wife, Susanne, and our friend, Shawn, were able to come as well. I took the day off on Friday and it was absolutely gorgeous out. We went to the 'Top of the Rock' at Rockefeller Center and the view was just amazing:
I definitely had one of those moments where I thought holy crap, I live here! as I looked around. Even though I've been here over four years, those moments hit me every so often and I completely love when it happens.

We spent the rest of the weekend catching up, laughing, and having a blast together. Brant and Shawn went to the Mets game while us gals did some window shopping and then I decided to bring everyone to Wilfie and Nell before heading out on the town. I'd been craving their pork shoulder sliders for at least six months so I put my foot down, hehe. James and Becca met us and we just had so much fun:
It truly was a perfect weekend! I already have 8 years worth of memories with Brant and we just keep adding to the list. It really is awesome. :) 

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