Monday, November 8, 2010

Robbie Gil Record Release Party

You can go back through so many of my posts where I reference the one and only Robbie Gil. He is my favorite local musician and he's an absolute powerhouse mixture of performer and songwriter. He is so very talented with a deep, smoky voice like that of Ray LaMontagne. His rich, soulful voice is definitely what draws you in initially but then you pay attention to his lyrics and you're truly blown away.

I've been going to see Robbie Gil for three years and he is a huge part of what makes living in New York so wonderful. His songs have really been like a life soundtrack for me. I can pinpoint so many ups and downs where his music has played on in the background of my heart and mind. Interestingly enough, I've been able to follow along on his journey as he's seemingly endured heartbreak himself and I've gotten to see him press on and heal as he's openly shared his soul through his songs. It's rare to find the kind of artistry where honesty and transparency seem to be the top priority. This is what you'll find in any live Robbie Gil show. I remember listening to his album 'Stumble Inn' for the first time before seeing him live and, while I thought he was great, I had no idea what I was in for with a live show. He is tremendous and the guys he plays with regularly now are every bit as talented. I had the great pleasure of attending his 'Save Yourself' record release party and show on Saturday night and I am so glad I went.

As a side note, because food rules my life, I have to mention that we had dinner at The Meatball Shop on Stanton beforehand. Um, though I got made fun of for repeating it a million times, I couldn't stop saying how genius the place is. The menu is small enough where they can perfect each dish and the original recipe ideas (like homemade oatmeal ice cream!) are, well, genius. Awesome prices, cool space, great food - I mean, you can't ask for much more. I had a couple of sierras ($4 might I add!), we shared the chicken meatballs with pesto and classic beef with spicy meat sauce, and sampled the delicious roasted butternut squash with walnuts and ricotta salata. So good!

Ok, back to Robbie. What a fantastic and packed show it was. He played a couple of known favorites and then a few new songs off the record. I got such a calm energy from him and you really felt their sense of pride on completing the album. It was exciting to hear a couple of never before played songs, one of which had strong lyrics like "I'm gonna make ends meet before I meet my end". Inevitably, he speaks to me on some level each and every time I see him. I feel this odd connection to Robbie like that of an old friend or someone who you've known for a really long time. Though I only recently met him, I enjoy that aspect of how I feel with his stuff. I think that says something about him as an artist.

I'm really happy for him and the guys with this record. I wish them the absolute best and I look forward to so many more music filled evenings with them. Play on, Robbie Gil:
 Harmonica, YES:
The hugely talented Pat Firth:
I love Josh Dion (on drums) in this:
My favorite:

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Dave the Novelist said...

I'm a little sad I missed the record release party the other week...but the new CD is nonetheless great! I can't stop listening to it (though we all know nothing beats Robbie Gil live).