Monday, November 22, 2010

The Countdown Begins...

Oh my goodness, it's almost turkey tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime! I mean honestly, where the heck has this whole year gone? I keep exclaiming about this because I seriously can't grasp that 2010 is coming to a close. Man, time really does start to fly with each year, doesn't it?

I think I'm mentally checked out of work at this point. I've also had a nasty cold the past few days that doesn't seem to want to go away. I actually even walked my whole race yesterday morning. Thankfully, it was only four miles, but I just couldn't get my energy level to where I'd need for running. Allison was so sweet in walking it with me just to keep me company. I really appreciated that. At any rate, I'm still feeling like crap yet the vision of stuffing dancing in my head is enough to take my mind off of it.

In three short days, Allison and I will be cooking our NINTH annual Thanksgiving dinner together! How awesome is that?! We didn't really intend on starting that tradition together so long ago, it just sorta happened. One of these days, we need to put a collage together of the photos. THAT would provide laughter for us both.

This year, we're switching a few things up. We're adding in a veggie (god forbid there be something healthy) and trying our hand at homemade black pepper biscuits. I've also kindly requested that Allison make a pumpkin cream cheese pie. MMM! I might be drooling as I type. I'll have a full dinner report after turkey day, for sure.

All I know is I better get over this cold before Thursday. I'll cry if I can't taste the very stuffing I'm dreaming about. Three more daaaaaaaaays...

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