Thursday, February 18, 2010

Run (carefully!) for Haiti

I was so thrilled the other night to be able to visit with my best friend from childhood, Grace. She's been in town for work and I was able to show her my cute apartment and then head out for dinner in my neighborhood. We had such a wonderful visit and I am just beyond blessed by having that woman as a friend nearly my entire life (we met when we were 2!). However, on the way home, I slipped and fell on ice and banged my knee and chin up pretty good:

Might I add that Grace could not get her composure due to how hard she was laughing. Yes, she checked if I was ok but I can't blame her for cracking up. It was all so 'slow motion' as I tried to get my bearings but down I went, skirt and all. I also love how not a soul on the street remotely even asked if I was ok. I've seen people fall so many times in this city and I always check to see if they're ok. Grrrr, boo on selfish New Yorkers. Thanks for all the love from you too, Grace. :P Actually, I sit here and giggle thinking of what I must have looked like...

Anyway, I got worried after I fell considering I'm doing a race to benefit Haiti on Saturday morning. I'm so excited to be a part of this and, while it's not a long race, it's another way to contribute to supporting Haiti AND something good for myself, too. I went running yesterday and my knee seemed to be alright but good grief, it hurts when I'm just sitting here. So, wish me luck on Saturday. I'm crossing my fingers for no ice, too!

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Grace said...

hey friend-that is a nasty bruise for sure! so sorry about that. I really did try to help and for sure wish that a camera could have captured the action bc i guarantee you would have been laughing your @#$ off. Love you friend and had an awesome time catching up. Always look forward to reading your blog to stay connected to your heart and life. Hugs from GA!!!