Thursday, February 25, 2010

New York Cares

I'm happy to say that I'm finally registered through New York Cares to begin volunteering throughout the city at will. I have an official orientation in a couple of weeks but I'm so very excited about this! My coworker told me about the program ages ago but I just never got off my butt to research it.

I've wanted to volunteer here in New York for so long but it's always seemed so overwhelming. All the questions like where do I start? or how can I really give back? have always kinda stopped me. I think a great deal of people in life have things in their heart that they're passionate about but the fear of moving forward blocks their way. In a city like New York, getting involved can feel extremely overwhelming and sort of as though you're just one tiny fish in a huge pond. That sort of makes you stay in your own little bubble and comfort zone. Until you live here and experience how life is day to day, you can never really understand how a city can make you feel so small. It takes balls and strength to live here, to find your way, and to foster solid relationships. However, things don't just fall in your lap, either. You have to go out, be proactive, and make things happen. I believe god has the rest worked out and he'll fill in the blanks. ;)

After orientation, I will be able to choose an unlimited amount of ways to volunteer and opening this door is leading to other great things, too. I'll be volunteering for the AIDS walk this year also and cannot wait to get integrated through Hope for New York as well, which is an awesome program I learned of through Redeemer. I'm not sure many other things in life make the heart as full as giving of your time and energy to others who desperately need it. I'm really and truly excited about this!

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