Friday, February 19, 2010

Hoo! Hoo!

I went out for a lovely evening with my friend last night to some really cool places I'd never heard of. New York is the most exciting city in the world when it comes to neat bars and restaurants. The biggest reason I choose to fork out the money to live here is so I can have the amazing experiences I do when going out and about. There is absolutely nothing that compares to feeling alive in this city. Anyway, I met my friend downtown at this great lounge called Blue Owl. He'd already told me I would love it and he was right! I so enjoy "NY" places like this with their expertly mixed cocktails and innovative drink menus (I had a drink with muddled strawberries and pimms!). I also love going to places like that on the early side before all the arrogant folks stroll in, flashing their black Amex cards. Anyway, afterward he took me to dinner at the coolest Yakitori place where I tried several interesting dishes, all of which I loved. We had a nice drink after dinner and I was able to mark down three more places on my list that I had yet to try in this fabulous city.

I've written before about how much I love and miss Georgia and the peacefulness that abounds there. I definitely have a hole in my heart that only Georgia can fill but, whenever I leave New York, I know that same hole will be there. So, nights like last night remind me of just how exciting it is here and how so extremely fortunate I am to have the experiences that I do. When I look back on the past decade or so, I really feel proud of who I have become now and what I have accomplished in order to live on my own in this wonderful place. I think it's very important in life to constantly maintain perspective - perspective of where you're at, what you're able to do/not do, what blessings are exploding around you daily - just to always be in a spot where you keep perspective of just how much of a blessing life really is, here and now. I think the moments that happen in life that teach a lesson or serve as reminders of how to keep perspective are so vital to cling to. I've been faced with my fair share of this recently and I was so glad to enjoy an entire evening that helped remind me what joy there is right in front of me daily.

As I head into the weekend (thank goodness!), I feel excited and happy. There's nothing like a 'New York state of mind' sometimes. :)

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