Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Holy Moly, I'm 31?!

Did anyone see where 2010 went? I can't seem to grasp that a year, specifically related to my birthday, has passed by so fast. I feel like I literally just turned 30 but nope, it's time for me to embrace 31.

Anyone who reads my blog regularly or who is very close to me knows that this past year has been full of unbelievable experiences. It seems clear that I'm well on my way down the career path I've chosen but I've also been on a personal journey of 'self-discovery' that's been amazing, as well. I've really grown (and continue to grow!) into the woman I want to be and god has been ever so faithful in refining who I am as a person. Sometimes it's hard for me to relate to who I was even a few years ago and I take that as the strongest sign of progress in my life. I don't even feel the need to explain that anymore because my heart has simply changed and that's that. I don't need to qualify it. I can just say that it's a glorious thing to see life through a different lens and I wonder how I could ever have lived differently before.

Turning 31 excites me. I don't fear getting older in the slightest because I'm leaving behind an immaturity element in my life that feels great. I really look so forward to seeing how the next two years unfolds for me because they're going to be pretty defining in a bunch of ways. So, while I couldn't re-live the incredible celebration I had for my 30th, I had a fabulous time with a very small group of close friends. It was just what I wanted; intimate, meaningful and relaxed.

We all met at Spitzers for a few beers before which was, um, interesting. It's completely turned into a frat house there and not the cool, unassuming local spot I remember it being. Ohhh, lower east side, how you continue morphing into such a trust fund hipster community. I kept giggling thinking that there I was to celebrate turning 31 and I was easily 8 years old than the clientele. Who cares, we still completely enjoyed ourselves:
I have to note that this was sort of a joint celebration with Ben as he ran his very first half marathon that morning and rocked it coming in at 2:13. GO BEN! He's genuinely very happy here to have some beers, heehee:
After Spitzers, we headed over to Rockwood to see Robbie Gil which was really the true celebration. Yep, pretty sure you all feel like you know ol' Robbie personally after the amount of times I've written about him. He just gets better and better with each show and it was the perfect way to celebrate:
Best part of the show? Robbie wishing me a happy birthday on stage. That totally made my night and was just awesome. I love this photo and it'll be special to me for a long time:
We stuck around after Robbie's show to check out the tremendous Martin Rivas who wished me several more happy birthdays, as well! What a sweet guy he seems to be and I cannot wait to see more of him. Shameer had surprised me with a delicious chocolate mousse birthday cake which we totally shared with Martin on stage. :) Yum:
Martin doing his thing:
It was an unforgettable night shared with some of the people I love most. Yes, that includes you, Robbie. :P My parting gift was hanging onto Robbie's setlist for the night where, when he's one day famous, I can look back on it and remember my special birthday wish:
Somehow, he knew 'Big Picture' is one of my favorite songs too so a big happy 31st birthday to me! :)

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