Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wonders Will Unfold

Today, I had to see an orthopedist to finally get my left knee checked out and I've been a little nervous all week. I did something to it in my last qualifying 15K race back in December and it's been causing me pain since. My most recent run was only two miles before I couldn't stand the pain anymore. I've never ever had issues anywhere while running so I made the appointment to finally get it looked at. Eyes and knees are two things that I won't ever mess around with and, since we're approaching April, I thought it was high time to see the doctor. On an ironic side note, I sent in my guaranteed marathon registration today which is kinda funny timing.

At any rate, I was referred to the doctor through a friend and he's actually a doctor for the NYC ballet which right away is a big plus. He was fantastic. He took x-rays and thankfully there is no bone damage but, from the area where there's the most tenderness and pain, he thinks it might be either a meniscal tear or stress fracture. There's a considerable difference between how tight my left and right IT bands are as well which isn't helping. Boo on that. I'm scheduled for an MRI this Friday and I go back to the doctor in two weeks to see how some anti-inflammatory medication I have to take is doing.

I'm explaining all of this because I have a huge tendency to work myself up before I have concrete answers to something. I haven't felt this way in a while but there are two things that mean the world to me - cooking and running. I've worked so hard to qualify for the marathon this year and, if anything were to hinder my running it, I would be devastated. So, I had to exercise some patience today in reminding myself not to freak out. Instead, I must be so glad there isn't bone damage and look on the bright side of finding out what's wrong. I got back to the office and read the following devotion and I just thought it was awesome. Maybe someone else will, too:

Wonders Will Unfold

I am with you. Do not fear. Never doubt my love and power. Your heights of success will be won by the daily persistent doing of what I have said.

Daily, steady persistence. Like the wearing away of a stone by steady drops of water, so will your daily persistence wear away all the difficulties and gain success for you, and secure your help for others.

Never falter, go forward so boldly, so unafraid. I am beside you to help and strengthen you. Wonders have unfolded. More still will unfold, beyond your dreams, beyond your hopes. Say 'all is well' to everything. All is well.

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Susan said...

I had a meniscus scare in the middle of my 1/2 marathon training last fall, so I empathize with your anxieties about what it could mean for you and a race like the NYC Marathon. I will pray that anti-inflammatories and rest will heal you right up! Wonderful devotionals that you shared, by the way. Way to keep your spirits up!