Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inoteca Organic Wine Tasting

I'd written about Twitter not too long ago and how I'd finally succumbed to the conformity. I'd also mentioned how awesome it's turned out to be in terms of following chefs and restaurants all over that I love. Well, it's proven yet again to be tremendous because I found out about an organic wine tasting at Inoteca happening on the 1st and I got all excited! It was taking place at their 24th Street location too which I was looking forward to checking out for the first time.

Sadly, I'd come down with a nasty cold and I was feeling pretty crappy but we still went. I was told I looked high since my eyes were half shut and glassy but hey, come hell or high water, I was going to that tasting. :P First off, the setup was so lovely! We'd gotten there a little early so we got some lambrusco at the bar before everything started but we watched as the folks set everything up. Normally at a wine tasting, you get a cheese and possibly a meat plate but Inoteca went well beyond. They had beautiful platters with their delicious paninis cut up, breadsticks, olives, cheese, was so nice! The tasting was being put on by people from Organic Wine Journal and they were great. It was an interesting look into the organic wine world overall though it wasn't really as in depth as I would've liked. The people came around after each pour to answer any questions and to explain more of what their mission is. Organic wine is pretty tough to sell and to get people excited about. The reputation just isn't the best so the guy who spoke was trying to go more into the fact that these winemakers simply make good wine, period. It isn't about the organic craze but more about how simple wines can be full of flavor. These were our selections for the evening:
Aside from the fact that at one point I rudely got pushed out of the way by none other than the journal's publisher, we had such a great time. I wasn't blown away by any of the wines we tasted but it was worth going for Inoteca's snacks at the very least. I must add that they even did little nutella paninis and coffee 'floats' for dessert. Very nice touch!

I'm definitely having fun seeking out new and fun experiences through this Twitter phenomenon so I guess I'm not a hater anymore. :-o Come follow along with me as I find and share new things like this as they come my way: @ValerieAlbanese.

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