Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday, Colleen!

I tell you what, I'm still smiling thinking back on my 30th birthday celebration last year. That will continue to be one of my favorite memories forever as it was such a special weekend for me. We all know I'm a huge birthday person so I jump at any chance to celebrate someone I love on their special day. This past Saturday, a fabulous group of women got together to celebrate our sweet friend, Colleen, as she turned the big 3-0.

I was already on a huge high coming off of my day at Hearth so I was totally excited and ready for an awesome night. I met everyone at Colleen's apartment for drinks as soon as I could get home and change out of kitchen gear. Let me just say that might have been the best cocktail I've ever had when I was finally able to sit down and relax after such an adrenaline filled afternoon. Thanks for that, Suzanne! At any rate, we hung out for a bit before heading down to Freemans for what would be a truly amazing dinner. Colleen has a fun chalk wall in her apartment too that I love for nights like this:
Yay! :)

I completely love Freemans so I kinda felt like this dinner was as much a treat for me as it was Colleen. It's funky, a bit eccentric and totally delicious. She had reserved the wine room which is just so cozy and warm. You actually dine amongst their wine collection and it's candlelit and lovely. Colleen got to "design" the menu and pick some of her favorite things and then we chose between three entrees:
Giving up bread and pasta for lent did not stop me from eating that artichoke dip with a fork, either. It is so rich and delectable and it's making me drool thinking about it right now. I'd been looking forward to that part the most, heehee.

It wasn't just the food that was tremendous; it was the group. Over the years, I've gotten to know a great deal of Colleen's friends and several of these women have become my friends, too. I think it's a complete testament to a person when they're able to mix a group of strangers together knowing all the while that everyone will get along. I'm fortunate to have come so far in my relationship with Colleen and it's been a joy to meet and get to know some of the other terrific women in her life. This especially includes her sister, Christina, who came in from Denver to join us. Dinner was full of laughter and true deserved happiness to celebrate Colleen:
Truly intimate and special evening:
Happy 30th, sweet friend! Yippee:
We went for drinks at Macondo afterward which was just as great. I tried a Brazilian black beer which I still cannot seem to pronounce:
Spectacular evening, truly. Here's hoping that your 30's start off as amazing as mine have, Colleen. Love to you!

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