Friday, March 4, 2011

Five Years in the Big Apple

This is an extra special post I write today and I'm so excited about it! Last Saturday, Allison and I celebrated five years to the day of living in New York. Being the sappy folks we both are, we decided that we must celebrate at the places we've loved with the people we've loved over each of those years. That said, we planned a pub crawl in our neighborhood and man oh man, did we have an absolute blast.

We started the day out at Cilantro which most would say is a horrible idea (until I reminded them that ending there would be even worse). Cilantro has been a staple in our lives almost monthly since we moved here (no lie) and I honestly think I've consumed my weight in margaritas there over and over. We discovered Cilantro only a couple of short weeks after moving here and it became "the" place to bring anyone we know be it visitors from out of town, new friends we've made in the city, or 'regulars' that have made a million Cilantro memories alongside us. The trick is that their margaritas are insanely strong and, while we've warned many many people about that who haven't heeded said warnings (hello Brant!), you have to be super careful how many you have since they taste so good. This is precisely the reason that ending a pub crawl there is a terrible idea but we were oh so happy to begin there, tee hee:
Throughout the day, we had the sincere pleasure of celebrating our anniversary with everyone from our closest friends to our newest friends. I got so emotional at one point looking around at the huge group of people that came out to celebrate not only us but what it's meant to us to be here for so long. I felt humbled by the people joining in our fun and it really touched my heart. I know something like this might not mean anything at all to some people but, for me and honestly the people who I'm closest to, they just 'get it' and it's why they came to celebrate:
Last but not least, the photo that is priceless and will remain a classic til the end of time:
Overall, we did five bars for five years and they were all bars that we've made the most memories at. I could go on and on gushing about each person and how they've affected me and so on. But, I won't and I'll just say that we had one heck of a time and I'm a very lucky lady. Here's to the next five years and to wherever this crazy journey called life will take us all!

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