Monday, August 16, 2010

Time with My Skillet

I had a fantastic weekend in Baltimore with Amanda that was so overdue and needed. Her husband, Jay, was out of town for work so we decided we'd have a girls weekend for the first time in years! I left work early on Friday so we could have a full evening to celebrate ritual like the old days. It was just so awesome to spend uninterrupted time together and to catch up on so many things in person. Though I did miss seeing Jay, we just reverted back to our Atlanta days full of silly shenanigans and laughter. There was plenty of natty boh flowing and of course she made me do an oyster shot:
I'll admit that I've gotten so much better about them, even though I still feel like I'm swallowing a lump of goo. I'll also never understand why people willingly do those but oh well, it's tradition. :P

We spent the rest of the weekend riding bikes all around town, going to the farmers market (which I LOVED!), getting cocktails near the water. We also cracked each other up talking about old memories and all the ridiculous stuff we would get ourselves into. We have so many awesome experiences with each other and those memories will live on forever. I don't see Amanda nearly as much as I'd like so having that time with just her was really special for me.

From past...
to present...
...she will always be one of my special gifts in life. We can't wait to see what the future holds for both of us. :)

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