Thursday, August 5, 2010

No Jury Duty For Me

My time finally came this week to be summoned for jury duty. I had let my boss know I'd be out and she's actually the one that picked up on it being grand jury duty which means you have a mandatory amount of time you serve, no matter what, if picked. I decided to think on the bright side that I wouldn't be chosen worked!

I got down there bright and early on Tuesday and sat in the courtroom for a couple of hours waiting for the role call. I made quick friends with the girl and guy I sat with as we anxiously awaited our fate, hehehe. I was nervous because half the people on the role didn't even show up! I was so sure I'd be chosen. This is the luck I tend to have. At any rate, they chose two different groups of 25 people and I escaped. YEEEEEES! You serve for two weeks solid from 10am - 5pm so I'm thrilled to be free. The best part? I'm clear of any jury duty possibilities for the next six years. NICE! Our poor friend had his name chosen very last on the second group so we shed a tear for him...and then celebrated in our freedom. :P

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