Friday, August 6, 2010


Last night might have been one of the best nights I've ever had. See, for years, my lovely sister has gone back and forth with the guys at work about how she could win a hot dog eating competition with ease. She proudly boasted that she could take down 8 dogs (with buns) in 25 minutes, no problem. The guys decided that enough was enough and they conferenced me into a call about a month ago so we could get a date confirmed to make these shenanigans happen. Well, last night was the night - and holy crap, was it awesome.

We decided the event should be held at Seafood's (long story on the nickname) place since he's the GUY and has an awesome rooftop. Anyway, I walked in to find all the guys with Nathan's hot dogs hats on and I absolutely cracked up. We opened a few cold beers and poured them right into Nathan's cups. I'm telling you, this was serious business. Seafood threw the dogs on the grill and we all waited for Allison to get prepared. I will admittedly state that I did NOT think Allison could do it and I've said so for weeks. That was the general consensus, though Camille fully supported her from day one. What a nice friend!

When we got the dogs in the buns, we just kinda stared for a minute at how much food was realistically on the plate. I mean, Allison almost didn't even begin out of sheer fright looking at what she was about to put in her body. It really didn't help that Scott sent this lovely gem earlier in the day:
I mean, windpipe?!? Seriously? Let's just say that Scott succeeded in psyching Allison out completely. Anyway, Theo got the 25 minute countdown ready and it was officially time to get the hot dog party started. Allison began slowly which got all of us in an uproar thinking we totally called it that she couldn't do it. However, she totally kicked those dog's asses. Watching her face as she got through each one was absolutely priceless. I can't even describe some of the expressions she was making but I crack up thinking about it, hahaha. The rule was she had to keep them down for 2 minutes and then she'd have Seafood's apartment to herself for 20 minutes. Um, I'm sure you can guess why. She completely dominated, with time left on the clock, and proudly put each of us in our place - minus Camille, the "real friend".

I seriously about peed my pants several times watching her. It was tremendous. Afterwards, once she had time to get herself together, Seafood treated us to an awesome night out with dinner and drinks. We had SO much fun and that'll definitely be one of my favorite memories for a very long time. I'll certainly post photos soon... 

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