Monday, May 10, 2010

Calm, Not Speed

This past week/weekend was a bit of a blur. I've had so much going on already in May and I know the rest of the month is going to fly by, too. It's exciting having things to look forward to and I love it - I just wish I could capture moments and save them.

I had two very successful 9 and 10 mile runs last week. I needed the encouragement after last weekend's disaster of a 9 miler so it felt good. I also did a bit of baking (yes, I baked!), met friends I hadn't seen in months for happy hour, and finally tackled my closet organizing project. My friend, Tally, is coming in town this week so I wanted to get a lot of the nitty-gritty cleaning out of the way. Yay for being over-the-top anal when it comes to cleaning and organization! Anyway, I sat down with my calendar this morning and looked ahead at the next two weeks; basically the rest of May. I just had to shake my head because every single day is packed for me until I leave for San Francisco on the 26th and even my trip out there is packed, too. I'm drooling already thinking of all the places we're going to eat. We're also spending a day in Napa and I cannot wait to get there. :)

Feeling a little overwhelmed this morning made me appreciate the devotion I read SO much. It was entitled 'Calm, Not Speed' and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I know that the majority of what's kept me so busy is healthy and happy but, nevertheless, I don't think our lives are meant to pass us by in a blur. There is so much more meant to truly living than devoting ourselves to things that make us miss precious moments we have right in front of us. Again, I absolutely love making plans and having things to do - I simply have begun to realize that I need a perspective shift as to where I focus my attention. My devotion strongly states that all agitation is destructive of good; all calm is constructive of good. It then goes on to say, "First, be still and know that I am god. Then, act only as I tell you. Calm is trust in action. Only trust, perfect trust, can keep one calm". I thought that was just awesome. It reminded me totally that forging ahead, speeding through life, can sometimes be a huge way of trying to control that things turn out well. Trying to have control is the complete opposite of trusting and having faith. I think if I run a certain amount of races then I know I'll be able to run a marathon one day. Do I need to be proactive and push myself? Sure! But, I have no idea what's around the corner of each new day that may or may not prevent me from running a marathon or ever again. Instead, it's the idea beind "calm, not speed" that ultimately allows me to enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

Deep thoughts for a Monday, friends. :P

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