Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pub Crawling With Marcos

Having a packed weekend surely does make it go by fast, doesn't it? I blinked and it was Monday suddenly.

After a super fun Friday at the game, I was pretty excited to head downtown for Scott's pub crawl on Saturday afternoon. His good buddy, Marcos, was in town from Houston so it was a great chance for Scott to get his group of friends together for some fun. I had a dinner party that evening which I was actually sorta glad about since it kept me from getting into too much trouble, aka patron shots. We met at Seafood's and then all walked over to Fiddlesticks to start the shenanigans. Johnny Hume actually brought his good friend, Kat, along so we could finally meet and I just loved her:
Though I couldn't stay for the entire pub crawl, I had so much fun. Nearly all of Scott's friends that I know are just so hilarious and I really have a great time when we're all out. They have all their inside jokes that are hysterical and over time I've gotten more familiar with them which makes it all even funnier. I was really glad to meet Marcos as well since everyone has spoken so highly of him. Also, there is some track suit joke with all those guys that makes me pee my pants, especially when a few of them showed up fully decked out like this:
Yeah, guy! Such fun people:
Also, as a side note, everyone needs to go see the bartender, Andy, at Fiddlesticks. He's just fantastic and completely added to our party. He's adorable too and we had to get a group shot with him:
A super fun surprise to top things off was that one of Marcos' best friends from Houston flew in as a surprise so that totally added to the fun. How adorable are they:
We bounced around to several fun places after that before I had to leave and it was such a good Saturday afternoon overall. :)

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