Friday, February 4, 2011

Please Hurry, Spring!

(I forgot to post this on actual Groundhogs Day, ooops!)

Welp, on this gloomy, icy, sludgy Groundhog Day, it turns out that there is some groundhog controversy as to whether spring will come early or not! It seems as though the groundhogs in New York predict six more weeks of winter (I believe them) while good ol' Punxsutawney Phil thinks spring will come early. What a torturous outcome we have here. Who's right?!?

I'm joking. I'm not so groundhog obsessed that I am affected by this but I will say...I would very much like spring to hurry up and get here even with all it's allergy inducing ways. I think I'd rather be sniffling like crazy vs. battling the ice skating rinks that are the New York sidewalks this morning. I almost fell down three different times earlier and my lovely rain boots have a hole in both soles so that makes for a glorious time stepping through puddles. I must say though that, even on this gloomy day, I'm in good spirits and greatly appreciating my hot coffee indoors. My feet have finally dried off which is a plus, as well.

Hope everyone is having a great hump day and cross your fingers that spring will be on the way sooner than later! I'm ready to pack up my gloves, break out the picnic gear, and be lazy in the warm sun. All in due time...

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