Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Evening With The Fabulous Fox Duo

I've had such an insane week. My eyes have crossed and I've now officially lost track of what day it is and what I'm doing. I figured I'd take a break, get my mind off work, and fill you in on the most wonderful evening this past Saturday!

The lovely Suzanne and Jeff Fox, recently married on New Years Eve this year, hosted their first formal dinner party as a married couple and man, what a tremendous night it was. The one requirement for the dinner was that everyone dress up which we all thought was terrific. I was really excited for the evening because Suzanne is such a fabulous cook and entertainer. I also love being around her and Jeff because they just exude warmth, love and acceptance. They're one of those couples that makes you feel happy to spend time with them and, with some of the couples I've been around recently, that's a very welcomed change. :-o

Suzanne outdid herself, as usual. When we arrived, she was dressed to the nines in a fabulous one-shoulder black dress with the most awesome high red heels. She was smokin'! I'm telling you, girls just inherently have that giddy side when it comes to getting all dressed up. She'd set a beautiful table (with her fancy formal china!) and had champagne and hors 'douevres ready for everyone upon arrival:
It was just so pretty. I had to snap a photo of Suz as she put some finishing touches on dinner as well because she's too cute for words, honestly:
Though I wanted to keep taking photos of each course, I just snapped one more of the table set with the divine celery salad as our starter:
It was SO good with walnuts, dates, pecorino; super fresh and a perfect way to begin. We went on to enjoy delicious brisket, carrots and parsnips, and polenta finished with the most amazing homemade chocolate tart. As if that wasn't enough, Suz had done different cheese boards that were just outrageous:
I don't even really have to say more, do I? The night went on to be one of the best I've had in quite some time and I'm so blessed to know such wonderful people. We stayed until nearly 2:30am (which I completely blame on Jeff and the Four Loko he broke out that had us out of our minds) and talked, laughed, was just a special evening. Thank you so very much to the wonderful Jeff and Suzanne for a night that will not soon be forgotten. Congrats as well to your recent marriage and may life be full of nothing but the happiness you deserve!

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