Saturday, February 12, 2011

My 1st Pro Basketball Game: Knicks vs. Lakers

I want to first say that I love Saturday. Since my body just automatically wakes up super early every weekend (boo!), I figured I'd get coffee going and write a post before I head out for the day. :)

So, I've done some pretty cool things in this city in my five years here. I've had some awesome experiences and made tremendous memories so I feel very blessed with the opportunities that have come my way. Last night was no exception, at all. Back in December, Christian and I got to talking about basketball and how I'm not really a fan and had never been to a pro game. He was pretty shocked and told me we'd definitely have to go sometime. I was so excited when he asked me to go yesterday especially when he said it was Knicks vs. Lakers. I may know zero about basketball as a whole but I do know who Kobe Bryant is for goodness sake. 

At any rate, we made our way to MSG after a couple of drinks beforehand and holy crapola, did I about freak out when we got to our seats. Um, he did not tell me that we'd be fourth row from the court nor did he tell me we'd be two seats behind Kanye. Regardless of whether Kanye is a huge douche and idiot, you can't deny that it's very cool to be sitting close to a celebrity. I'm the first person who doesn't jump on the celebrity bandwagon but sometimes it's really neat to enjoy a rare situation like that. People who hate on stuff like that are dumb and just being naysayers. It was actually hilarious to hear the people around us talk about how much they hate him, hahaha. We all agreed that he must have obeyed his PR guys when he signed this kid's jersey:
Ok, back to the basketball. The game was honestly so great. These guys are enormous and I really couldn't stop commenting on it. Christian giggled quite a bit when I'd just freak out at random times about how awesome it was to be so close. Every time Kobe would shoot free throws from our end, I'd get all giddy:
To complete our night, we totally took a limo from MSG down to B-Bar and I swear, it might have been the best point of the night. You can't really tell but oh yes, peace sign and guido face necessary:
We seriously had such a great time. I really love New York sometimes...

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