Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Awesome New Years Eve Celebration

Welcome to 2011, friends!

What a glorious start to the new year it was with ringing it in at Dave's amongst some of the people most dear to me. Before I came home for Christmas, I'd sort of elected he and Tally to host a party since their house is lovely and it's most conveniently located for everyone. Thankfully, they were both gracious enough to indulge my request. I think all of us sort of share the same "superstition", if you will, that how you bring in the new year is an illustration of how that year will go for you. It's safe to say that I do believe we're all in for an amazing 2011 if we're basing it solely on how awesome the party was.

I've talked numerous times about how blessed I am in terms of the friendships I have. I'm definitely a 'relationship' person in both a dating and friendship way. I find meaning in building something with someone and I am very much a lover of tradition. It means something to me to see the same faces year after year at celebrations or to simply walk through the ever-changing seasons of life with the same tried and true people by your side. There is something to be said for reflecting on years past and being able to see how you grow and change alongside your friends. It excites me to know that, no matter what paths we all go down in the coming years, we'll all still be right there with/for each other. How fun will it be to grow old and share the stories of life together? With all of that said, I got to celebrate the start of a new year with some of my oldest friends including Grace who I've known for almost 29 solid years. What a tremendous joy!

Since the start of last year was full of nothing but confusion and stress for me, this year couldn't be more opposite with how fun, relaxed, simple and happy it was. I already know in my heart that tremendous things are in store for 2011 but what a nice way to welcome in the new year. We really had a good time:
Typical Gabe:
Yay, 2011:
Cheers to what promises to be a fantastic year full of adventure, excitement, wonder and true joy:

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