Monday, January 24, 2011

Patrick Heads East!

This post is quite delayed considering it's been a week since my dear friend, Patrick, was here buuuut better late than never. I was so very excited a couple of months ago when he and I discussed a possible New York visit for him. He lives outside San Diego in Redlands and, while he constantly tortures me with how awesome the weather is, he decided to head east for MLK weekend since neither of us had anything going on. I personally find it kind of funny that the weather was so frigid while he was here so he can somewhat appreciate the brutality we face. At any rate, it was so awesome to finally have him back on the east coast for a few days.

He got to my apartment around 7pm on the 14th and we got to catch up a bit before heading to meet friends. I met Patrick in my first class when I started University of Phoenix in 2004 and we ended up taking several of the same courses over time. We've stayed very good friends over the years and I was really excited to introduce him to so many people here! We spent the entire weekend out and about. I got to show him Eataly and around several different neighborhoods. We also tried a new dumpling place in my neighborhood called Mahjong which was fantastic! We drank wine, talked about everything under the sun, listened to some new music that he introduced me to. Speaking of, I got to introduce him to the infamous Robbie Gil too as we met a group of friends for the show on Saturday night. Two side notes: A) My friend, Lori, and her fiance just moved back to the city as well and it was a total treat to have them out with us for the show and 2) Robbie Gil was sporting the most incredible mustache I've ever seen. Please behold:
As if we didn't love him enough.

Sunday was an epic football day since none of us had to work on Monday. We had quite the crew show up for that and it was so incredibly fun. Sometimes, you just have those days where you don't stop laughing. My face literally hurt after a while. All in all, it was such a good weekend spent with the greatest people. I love having pictures to always hold on to when such great memories are made:

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