Thursday, January 27, 2011

No More Snooooooow!

This is hands down the snowiest winter I've seen in New York in five years. I even missed the really huge storm over Christmas, too! It's snowed almost everyday this week and last night we got yet another explosion. I'm very very tired of the snow and this is why.

I left my house at 6:00am this morning to go to the gym. The news said trains were running in the city so I took their word for it and headed out. I walked out my door to see this:
Uh oh. I had no idea how bad it was. I decided to trudge on to the subway where I ended up waiting for 35 minutes before they said trains were not running for another 25 minutes. Balls! Buses weren't running and no cabs were around so I ended up walking to work only it was stomping because the snow was up to my knees since nothing had been plowed. Oh, the glorious life in a walking city. The only upside is that there is something so peaceful and calming about being in the snow before the city really wakes and turns it to grime. Though I'm tired today, I actually enjoyed what I could of my walk this morning. I took my frustration out on my workout when I finally got to the gym. :P

Let's just say that I am more than ready for spring...

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