Friday, December 31, 2010

Medieval Times At Last

If I were to get hit by a bus tomorrow and be on my way to heaven, it would be alright with me. Why, you ask? Because I have officially been to Medieval Times. After eight years of Erica and I watching 'Cable Guy' a million times and countless discussions about how "we HAVE to go to Medieval Times", we finally planned it. Lucky for us, there's one in north Georgia not far from where Erica lives so we set it in stone for one of the nights I'd be home at Christmas.

Me, Phil, Erica and Austin were on our merry way two nights ago and, without exaggeration, I think we were all more excited than any of the kids there. We quoted every line from the movie, of course, and totally cracked up at the hilarity of everything involved with Medieval Times. Naturally, Erica would ask our server questions like is this a real job for these knights or just an after school kinda thing? to which he'd very seriously answer "this is a REAL job and they train six days a week". Ooops, didn't mean to offend you there, kid. Also, in case anyone would like to know, the knights' salaries vary upon skill set. Yep, true story.

At any rate, we had the most hilarious evening and it goes down as one of the top five things I've ever done. I'm not sure I've laughed that hard in a while and being there with Phil, Erica, and Austin was seriously the icing on the cake. That kind of laughter is just so good for the soul. Please share in our fun vicariously:
The goblet was definitely the 5th member of our party:
Did you know there were gangsters in the medieval days?
Of course we had to meet our knight considering he won the entire battle. Yep, be jealous:
I'll be smiling for a very long time thinking about this night...

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