Monday, August 26, 2013

Maddie Comes To Denver

Instagram has become the new thing. I'll admit, I totally love it. It's pretty much the only social media thing I really do and keep up with. The rise of negativity, comparison, overshared opinions and all around depressing crap that people put up on Facebook is astounding and I've got next to no interest in any of it. Instagram allows me to see/follow the people I truly care about and live alongside them, even from afar. Most notably, I get to see the most precious photos of my niece that Wynn posts. It makes me feel a little less like I'm missing out on her growing up and that makes me smile.

To those of you who enjoy Instagram like I do, please do yourselves a giant favor and start following Theron Humphrey at 'thiswildidea'. Theron and his remarkable pup, Maddie, have been touring the US together this year while he works on a year long photojournalism project called Why We Rescue. It's a story about how pets change our lives and who the wonderful people are who rescue them. Maddie is a rescue dog herself and one of the most incredible pups I've ever seen. Theron discovered that Maddie had a very special ability to balance on just about anything and he started taking photos of her doing what she does best.

Please won't you take a moment to see just what I mean here. Click on 'video' and check out the awesomeness that is Maddie. She is amazing. Theron decided to collect his photos of Maddie and had Maddie On Things published. It's a darling photo journal of Maddie literally on top of things and you just wouldn't believe some of these photos...

Allison told me about Theron a while back and said my days would literally be happier if I started following him and seeing his photos. Boy, was she right. As I started learning more about what he was doing, I looked up their calendar for the book tour and discovered that they were coming to Denver! There was no way I was missing that.

They held the book signing at West Side Books and graciously welcomed quite the crowd in to chat, meet Maddie and be a part of their amazing story:

Theron gave a brief welcome and told everyone about his current project, Why We Rescue
He also wanted to officially introduce Maddie by having her do a special trick. She decided she wasn't into it:
Instead, she wanted to work the crowd:
I don't blame her.

Finally, it was my turn to meet Theron:
I just can't explain what a gracious, humble, kind-hearted person he is. What he's doing in meeting folks and sharing their animal rescue stories is simply sweet and special. Many people just don't understand the love of a pet or what it means to share life with them. Through Theron's stories, he's going to be able to show hearts touched and lives changed. I don't know about you, but I could use a little more of this out in the world these days vs. downers like Facebook. 

I had such fun talking with Theron. I really feel honored to have shared in the smallest portion of his journey. His best friend, Garrett, is traveling along with them and what a spectacular photographer he is, too. It'd serve you well to also follow him at 'reallykindofamazing'. 

For those of you in Denver, Theron's work is being shown at the Redline Gallery through September 29th. Don't miss it!

Thank you, Theron, for being such a rare, special person. Thank you more for sharing who you are with us folks and creating unity across the miles in a tender, unforgettable way. 

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