Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Allie & Mel Uncorked

My sister rocks. Not just because she'll drink margaritas all afternoon with me if I want but because she's so smart, driven and dedicated. She graduated (1st in her class!) in July from the ICC's Intensive Sommelier Program and she's been keeping her wine passion moving right along since. Her newest venture is in partnership with Parade Magazine and I'm SO psyched for her.

She and her classmate, Melissa, have started a fantastic wine blog to be published weekly for Parade online. It's so very exciting and something I believe is going to be tremendous for her. They officially launched today and I invite you to check out the fruits of their labor, Allie & Mel Uncorked:

I love the idea that they're taking wine and making it something fun and approachable vs. snotty and exclusive. Wine is fabulous whether a bottle is $10 or $200. It should be fun and something you enjoy sharing with folks you love and I believe Allison and Melissa will completely bring that sense to anyone looking for a place to learn.

Deepest congratulations, ladies. I am so proud of every single thing you've accomplished so far and this is only the beginning. Cheers to you both!

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