Friday, August 23, 2013


Let's talk about happy things. Let's talk about summer and sunshine and friends. The sad things I've gone through lately are hereby considered past events and I no longer give them power. So, let's talk about being free and open and alive!

Can you believe it's almost the end of August? Nope, me either. Summer seriously brings me back to being a kid. The smell of burgers on a grill, sweet summer corn, late sunsets, super soft green grass on your bare feet...there's so much goodness in summer.

I've spent my first in Denver exploring as much as I can. There have been BBQ's, new friends, afternoons in the park with smoothies and a good book, rooftop bars, delicious new restaurants, awesome runs and CrossFit classes. There's been newness and fresh starts, laughter and wine, hikes and birthday parties. There's been whiskey tasting, pesto making and beer drinking. There's been park discovering while out on weekly walks, trivia night at the bar, Moscow Mule drinking and cheese tasting. There's been that 3am night (or two) out, weekend day trips, friends in town and church hopping to find that hopeful spot to call 'home'. There's been that one-extra-glass-of-wine-too-many, all because of an immeasurably beautiful evening on a patio discussing the beauty of this world with a trusted friend. There's been homemade tomato basil soup, strong Americanos early in the morning and the occasional pancake breakfast after a nice, long walk. Cigarettes have been smoked, sangria has been made and adventures have been had. Life has been lived.

Here's what some of that looks like:
Just a quick hello from up on the roof:
Don't forget the cocktails. Ohhh, the cocktails...
Summer makes you feel good down to your bones. Warm sun, cool (thanks to being in Colorado!) breeze and refreshing rain showers that are followed by bright, beautiful rainbows. What a sign of promise a rainbow is. A promise of light after darkness, that life will shine beautifully even after the ugliest of storms:
Summer has been good for me. I'm shedding an old skin and finding my new self. I love just that, the whole finding myself thing. You shed some tears, you share some laughs and you dig into the soul of yourself which is a fascinating, complicated, intricate, awesome journey. I wouldn't trade what I've gone through because I'm presently here, discovering how to live in this very 'now'. Dang, it's good. So good. 

Happy Summer, all. I hope yours has been full of all the sunshine you can handle and all the hugs you could hope for.

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