Friday, March 9, 2012

Orientation Day!

I didn't go the traditional college route when I was younger. I was definitely rebellious and thought college was for suckers. I was totally a 'fight against the man' kind of personality and needed to do things my way regardless of how people advised me. I failed five classes my junior year, didn't take the SATs, had every punishment you can think of - including things the administration had to basically make up for me since I ran the gamut of what existed as known punishments - I mean, I was a problem child to the extreme. I didn't know that I was even eligible to graduate high school until the night before when my parents got the call saying I was cleared. It was an adventure being my mom and dad back then, that's for sure. What's funny is that I was extremely responsible in other areas of my life, such as work, so it made it tough for my parents to deal with me since I had such a good head on my shoulders with other stuff. As my dad will tell you even now, he just didn't worry about me even with all the shenanigans I pulled. Somehow, he knew that my passion and drive would lead me somewhere, most likely out of Georgia, and that I could take care of myself. I suppose that's why he didn't freak out when, at 19 years old, I told he and mom that I was moving to good ol' NYC. I was headstrong then and certainly am now.

I say all of this because, even though it's culinary school that I'm beginning, it's still school and a structure I'm very unfamiliar with. I think that's why I'd been feeling so nervous about orientation this week. I never did the dorm thing, I never dealt with professors and I certainly never went to an orientation of any kind. My only degree (and one I'm very proud of!) is an Associates degree from University of Phoenix and that required no on-campus registration or orientation. So, two days ago when I was heading down to orientation, I wasn't sure what to expect.

Well, it was awesome. It was information overload for three hours but really amazing and exciting for me. The class size goes up to 20 but get this...there are only 9 of us. I think that's incredible because I believe each of us will get some of the best personal instruction that just can't be possible in classes of a larger size. For me, it was very surreal to meet these 9 individuals who will essentially become my family over the next 7 months. What an adventure! We didn't have much time to mingle with one another but I got a really good feeling about the people I did talk with. I can't wait to get to know them more and to begin this journey together. As one of the instructors put it, we're together for better or worse so all of us are going through it as a team. There's something comforting about that, for sure.

We didn't get our knife and tool kit yet - um, something I am so freaking excited about - but we did get our uniforms and books! I swear, I'm so giddy about it and it finally feels real:
What a truly awesome new journey I'm embarking on. I really can't wait and I feel so blessed to be at a place in my life where this opportunity is possible. Bring it ON!

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Ray Ray said...

I love the uniform! I wanna see you in it! I bet it will look great with your kitchen shoes. ;-)