Friday, March 30, 2012

Chicago Bound!

This week has been particularly awesome but that means busy, busy, busy. We've learned all about meat antipasti and the many amazing products that entails, stocks, sauces, soups, legumes and, the best by far, an introduction to pasta! Yes, my friends, that's what you call heaven on earth. I feel like I say that all the time (and will probably kick myself come pizza/focaccia day) but I really mean it this time as pasta ranks high above everything else for me. Even cheese. There's nothing better than fresh pasta. It's spongy, delicate and has the greatest texture. It's perfect for light (as in weight, not calories), thin sauces like cream or butter sauces because it soaks so much of that deliciousness right up. I'll explain more about different pastas later but man, let me just tell you how my fresh angel hair in sage butter turned out... Divine, I say! If I weren't actually Italian, I'd think my parents were lying to me due to just how much I connect with this cuisine. It's in my blood, people. I can't help how much I actually need cheese, salumi and pasta in my life.

Several fun posts are coming your way, I promise. I haven't had a chance this week to do it and I fly out to Chicago right after class this evening. Yay, ladies' trip! So, I leave you in total suspense for now. I really hope that doesn't ruin your weekend. I mean, I know how riveting this all is so just try to contain yourselves, please. Have a fabulous weekend and a big happy Friday to all! Rachel, you better be P'ing up that J, as usual. I expect a lot out of you in my absence, woman.

PS - Today is stuffed pasta day so you better believe I'll have delicious tales of lasagna and ravioli and tortellini, oh my!

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Ray Ray said...

Haha! Jada's been expressing interest in P-ing up the J in your absence, actually. It looks like the tradition will live on!

And can I just say, you're making me pasta soon. For real. I'll buy the ingredients, and all you have to do is slave away in the kitchen. :-)