Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm A Weakling

Ok, I'm not a weakling. I'm a kitchen weakling. At this point, anyway. Today was our first full day of school, combining language + kitchen. Obviously, we all knew we'd be tired but I think I seriously underestimated how much. Part of it is definitely just the adjustment all around to a new schedule, different energy and brain power exertion and keeping up with getting to know new people. All of this is super taxing so I certainly leave room for that when it comes to how I feel physically. Everyone felt the same way though after today was over so it's nice knowing we're all in it together.

Today went better for me in language class overall. I feel like I'm catching on and sincerely enjoying the process. It's been ages since I've been in a class setting like this and let's face it, I was always asleep on my desk when I was there. I had a tough time in school no matter what age I was. I always struggled with giving up immediately when something got tough or I couldn't understand the material. I hate to say it but I have those very same inclinations as an adult and I feel that creeping up. Clearly, the difference is that I'm passionate about what I'm doing and I have a desire to be there instead of sitting through algebra class not having a damn clue what was going on and hating life. I'd say that's a plus for this situation, eh?

This morning, we worked on really conversing with one another and writing out verb conjugations by memory. It's tough work, I tell you. There are some rules of the Italian language that come so easily to me and effortlessly stick in my mind but there are other things that I simply do not understand. I'm not worried, though. Even after one week in Sicily, I picked up a bunch of stuff so I think, once we're settled in Italy, it'll be much better as we speak continuously each day. Here we are working on those tricky little conjugations:
I wish Stefania was facing the camera in the first photo so you can see how cute she is. Each one of us is obsessed with her, seriously.

On to kitchen day one! I mentioned before that I was psyched to finally get our knife and tool kit so today was a big day, heehee. Without exaggeration, I haven't been so excited about something in quite a while. Behold, our bag o' joy:
I get weak in the knees just looking at it. Professional, top notch equipment that's mine. Allllll mine. It's a bag with three compartments housing all of my tools and we got to break a few things in today! We have three days of knife skills so today we focused on the different types of cuts most common in the kitchen that'll we'll use all the time. 

We were introduced to Chef Jessica, one of our three chef instructors, and we went over a lot of basic kitchen safety and protocol. She showed us where everything is in the kitchen and talked a bit about her history and what brought her to this program. She's so accomplished and so very skilled. You could see that in the first five minutes of the demo she did on how to chop. We practiced on cipolle, carote e patate (onions, carrots and potatoes). Um, I suck at it so far. It's amazing how different it is to learn the correct way of doing things vs. how I've always worked in my own kitchen. I thought I kinda knew my stuff but nope, I've been doing it all wrong. 

After going through what felt like a pound of each vegetable,  I actually produced pretty good work according to Chef Jessica:
It's hard as balls to cut down a carrot into a square or rectangle, just so you know. The perfectionist side of me sure did come through as I kept trying to get it done just right. Will I ever learn that most things in life are a work in progress? Sigh... I tire myself out sometimes, I swear.

It was a long and tiring but fantastic day. I have a lot of studying to do tonight after I decompress a bit. 6:00am comes quick, man. I'm very ready for day two in the kitchen, though!

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Allie A said...

Does this mean that from now on you won't make ME cut up all the veggies?