Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Power Of Word Of Mouth

It's tough to believe that I'm into five weeks of marathon training already. I started a little earlier than my marathon pro friends due to a knee injury last December. I wanted to be smart and take each run slow and steady. I was actually quite worried about my knee training in new shoes as I haven't deviated from my one brand for years. I think that's why I have an elevated level of excitement about how amazing my 890's feel. I am genuinely thrilled to have found such an awesome shoe that also does not poorly affect my knee.

All of this said, I've been raving about the 890's to anyone who will listen and not get sick of me, ha! Well, it turns out that the power of word of mouth can be pretty darn effective when you reach the right people. As an aside, I'm quite lucky to be plugged into a solid community of very active people which keeps me both challenged and motivated. I'd wanted to be involved in a group like that for a long time because the same old routine of happy hours and the like gets pretty old. I've always been a very determined individual and, after adding serious cycling to my list of activities, I met several people that have been amazing and become close friends of mine. We try to get outside weekly with each other to bike or run and we even have a variation of a "pushup club" that we do daily which has been awesome. Of course, this crew was my first target when I wanted to share my excitement about the new shoes!

I told them all the specifics of the shoe but I stressed that the lightweight nature did not at all affect the support. That's the most important thing, in my opinion. It turns out a couple of my cycling friends were in the market for new running shoes so they hit the store to try them on and, next thing you know, I get this photo:
My friend, An, took the photo from my original post and did a little adjusting, heehee. She and our friend, Angie, each bought a pair almost immediately after trying them out. I got so excited and had to share that with you all here today. What's really great is that An will be running the San Francisco Nike Women's half marathon in October in her flashy New Balance kicks. I love it!

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