Friday, December 3, 2010

Party Eve

If Christmas and New Years have 'eves' then I believe I should have one for the day before my Christmas party. On this wonderful Friday, or Party Eve rather, I'm officially mentally checked out of work. Speaking of work, I have a big event tonight that I've been overseeing so I'm very ready for it to be over with. I've loved working on the project, it's just stressful to work on a firm-wide event where expectations are high. It leaves my nerves a bit rattled but, thankfully, I've got my previously mentioned Christmas party tomorroooooow in which I plan to have loads of fun.

This will be mine and Allison's second annual Christmas party and man, was it fantastic last year. Funny enough, we were completely ill-prepared and totally stressed out doing everything but it ended up being so very fun. This time around, we had a much better idea of how much time things would take and, instead of running 8 miles the morning of and getting started late, we thought it might be a better idea to do as much prep ahead of time as possible. That said, we've worked on stuff this week and only have a few things left to do tonight and tomorrow morning. That's allowed us to have MUCH more fun with this. Ironically, over double the amount of people are coming this time which should make us feel more stressed yet we're just ready to have some serious fun. The best part is that Amanda and Jay are coming in from Baltimore for it (tomorrow being Jay's actual birthday, too!) and I'm just beside myself with excitement. They'll finally meet my best friends in the city, and vice versa, which is the greatest treat for me. I. Can't. Wait.

You know, it's really wild to me that it's been a year since our last party. Well, not just that, but that it's been a year since a lot of stuff and it's pretty trippy when I think about it. It's bizarre how time can pass by so fast yet so slow. That's how all of 2010 has been for me and it's been both trying and exhilerating. I don't want to get all inside my own head with this, just noting that it's crazy to me that a year has passed.

At any rate, I'm so very ready to make it through this event tonight and to get my par-tay on tomorrow. I LOVE this time of year and it's fun to kick off the Christmas (yes, I said Christmas and not just 'holiday') season with our party. I'm secretly excited to get dressed up for it, too. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

Happy Friday, all!

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