Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What A Weekend!

You know how there are just times in life where you really truly love where you are for that moment in time? Well, that was Saturday night for me. Let me back up though and begin with Friday night. The big project I've been working on at work has been overseeing the family holiday party for our company. It's been months of planning and organizing and it's been super stressful for me since this is the first huge company-wide thing I've been in charge of. Anyway, the event happened on Friday night and it was absolutely fantastic. Every single detail was perfect and the party planner I had been working with was truly top notch. I got more compliments than I could count including a rave review from our president. I was so relieved and felt honored to have been asked to handle such a huge event. I really feel like it gave me the chance to shine. Over the weekend, I got emails from our CFO, the president's wife, our head of HR, our head of Investor Relations...I mean, I seriously feel SO great and totally blessed. While everything went perfectly smooth, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely thrilled that it was over, hee hee.

On to Saturday. I was up at 6:45am and it was a freezing cold morning. It was 27 degrees and the wind was cooooold. I met Allison and we headed up to the park for our 8 mile run and I did surprisingly ok. I wasn't properly hydrated and I knew the run would be tough for me but it was decent and I got it done which was all I cared about. Afterward, we went straight to Allison's and cooked/party prepped alllll day long. It was so tiring but the apartment looked beautiful, our food was amazing, and we threw one heck of a party! I had so much fun and everyone was dressed so festive and in the holiday spirit. I dunno, it was just a perfect party with such wonderful friends and all of our hard work totally paid off. My sweet friend, Amanda, was even in town from Atlanta:
There are so many photos that I really couldn't begin to pick but I had to put one of the best ones up:
Yes, of course those are jello shots! We're so cute, I swear. ;) Anyway, it was the most tremendous night and it went until 5am! We were completely exhausted but it was the greatest evening filled with fun, laughter, and memories. I really think I'd like to do it again next year. The weekend really got me in the holiday spirit and I'm even more excited to go home for Christmas. I went to counseling last night after a week break and, while I had some struggles over the week, I think my spirits have been lifted and I'm getting back on the right track of trying to remember that god has everything laid out for me and I don't need to freak out about controlling it. Part of the struggles I faced this past week had a lot to do with that so meeting with Cori last night was needed and appreciated. We've decided to take two weeks between our next session and I must say, I'm really proud of myself. I'm just trying to stay strong and keep the proper frame of mind that I should to help me keep growing and moving forward. Above all, I am so very blessed and I continue to be so humbly grateful for all that I have.

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