Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's 15K Time Again...

Holy freaking freezing week in Manhattan. What better time to run the Ted Corbitt 15K again?! I actually think I just thawed out from the same race last year. I've kept a good mindset about this one though because it's my last qualifying race that I have to run in 2010 in order to be guaranteed into the 2011 NYC marathon. This is a huge deal for me and will wrap up a year of very hard work. I've come miles (no pun intended) from where I used to be with my running and I'm very proud of myself.

Running this same 15K last year was actually a milestone in itself for me. It would be the second time I'd run distance since my first half marathon in 2008 so I put a lot of effort into advancing myself both in time and endurance. I was so proud last year doing that on my own and finishing faster than I ever had. I think the reason I truly love running so much is that there's constant progress. Each day you hit the road and each mile you run is one more than before and you're consistently moving forward. In the year since I ran this race, I'm stronger, smarter, more passionate and more serious about my running and my health overall. So, it excites me to wrap up the year with the same race that meant so much to me before.

All I know is I'm ready to finish this race on Sunday, watch a hopeful Giants victory after, and prepare to head home to GA next week for Christmas. I can't even believe Christmas is around the corner but I'm just so excited for it. Happy Holidays to all of my dear friends. May love and the peace of this season surround you and your loved ones fully!

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