Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quick Trip To DC

I decided to head to DC over the weekend for a very brief but nice visit. It was SO hot but I kind of enjoyed it because I really felt like summer has arrived. :) I could have done without being stuck in traffic both ways on the bus but I enjoyed myself regardless.

Ironically, my friend, Charla, from San Francisco was in DC for work so it was really cool being able to meet up with her and her friends. They were super nice and we all spent the day together at Madhatter:
After saying goodbye to Charla, we were pretty pressed for time. We got ready quickly and then it was time to meet up with more friends which was just awesome. I absolutely loved seeing Chris and I was completely blessed to see Giselle after far too long. I felt very special that I got to spend time with both of them:
I met some of Joel's friends as well that were wonderful so I really enjoyed my night out in DC. It was cool for me to see different areas of town too like U Street which I loved. I kinda regret not going to Ben's Chili Bowl before going home. :-o Anyway, on Sunday, Joel and I walked around Eastern Market, had breakfast, went to the Botanical Garden and then sat outside for the day talking and drinking iced tea. The weekend passed so quickly but it was really nice to get out of the city.

Now, summer is officially here and I'm really excited for some upcoming fun I have planned! I can't believe how 2010 is already flying by...

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