Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Is Coming

For as much as I love Spring, it just kills me with allergies. I never had allergies in Georgia, even with all the nasty pollen, but here I just get hit so hard each year. I also battle bronchitis around this time every year and I'm definitely feeling like I might be headed that way. I'm exhausted, it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest, and my throat is tender to the touch. Waaaaah! I'm trying to see the silver lining though in terms of this meaning that Spring is arriving.

I had my first New York volunteer experience last night and it was awesome. I went to organize mailing stuff for the AIDS Walk and I met some really sweet people. One woman has been living with HIV for 16 years and has volunteered her time to the AIDS Walk for all of them! There was an incredibly diverse group of people there last night and the way they do it is just so neat. It's this warehouse type space on 24th and 6th and everyone gathers at tables to do the work. They provided pizza and soft drinks and it's just a time to sort of fellowship with people from all walks of life. Our table was lively and talkative and we knocked out lots of work; enough so that they emailed today and said tonight's volunteering session is cancelled due to them being super caught up. I thought that was great! I have orientation next weekend for New York Cares and, after last night, I'm really really pumped to go.

I tell you what, nothing makes the heart feel quite as full as when you help people. I assumed I'd feel pretty great afterwards and I was right. :) I can't wait to get more involved in other projects!

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