Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snow Tubing Turned Go-Karting

This past Saturday, my friends and I were supposed to go on a neat little snow tubing and beer tasting adventure through the awesome company, Urban Escapes. Unfortunately, due to the warm weather and rain we had last week, the tubing venue just couldn't keep proper snow around and they had to cancel. Being the kick ass company that UE is, they put together last minute go-karting for us instead at Grand Prix New York. Let me just tell was a freaking blast. It was pouring rain on Saturday morning when we left to catch the bus. All of us were still excited to get out of the city and make use of the crappy day since the racetrack was indoors. We caught the bus at 9am and were greeted by the UE guides, Bram and Brittany, who were the absolute coolest and most fun people I've met in a while. I must add that Bram was SO cute and had us gals all silly over him, hehe. I mean, he did pay the most attention to us which of course I'm not surprised about. :P

Anyway, we got to GPNY around 10:30am and had an hour and a half of solid racing which was so awesome. We're not talking about little go-karts puttering around, either. These were over 40mph go-karts on a serious track. We were suited up and everything! We could not stop laughing at each other once we were all in our gear:

It was hysterical. Once we all really started driving, it was the biggest adrenaline rush and we seriously were like real racecar drivers, hahaha. I giggle just thinking about it. Afterward, we had lunch and made our way to Cricket Hill Brewery in Fairfield, NJ. We all fell in love with the owner, Rick, who was so passionate and a total believer in locally grown/made products. As a cook, I appreciate that sentiment totally and it was really cool to see his little microbrewery and to taste all that he offers. He also proudly states that he brews the "finest beer on planet earth" and I might have to agree! I ended up buying a six pack of his IPA which I normally wouldn't choose but his blend was absolutely terrific. We stayed at the brewery for a while and then made our way back into the city by 6pm.

It was such a fun day spent with really great people. It was the perfect way to spend the rainy day and I cannot wait to go on another UE excursion, soon! Apparently, they have river tubing and wine tasting this summer which we're all totally doing. Personally, I think we need to go back to Cricket Hill for an entire afternoon. I'm just sayin'.

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Amanda said...

Wow that looks like so much fun! I miss you girls like crazy - can't tell if reading your blog makes it worse or better but I'm glad that you're letting us all peek into your life! Keep it up.