Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh, How I Love Farmers Markets!

After finally coming down off my Jewels and Jill high, I got my first taste over the weekend of the awesome local farmers that are making their way to outdoor booths in the city. The arrival of Spring in New York isn't just about flip flops and cute skirts; it's about strawberries and carrots and mangos, oh my! Saturday was amazing here. It was in the 70's and sunny, just incredible weather for browsing all kinds of markets and shops.

A quite important detail to note first though was how my weekend started off with "Oyster Challenge 2010" on Friday night. Over ten years ago, I had my first raw oyster down in Jacksonville with my boyfriend at the time. Well, it was a bad one and I was terribly sick for nearly a week. I've been terrified of oysters ever since but I've always had this inner jealousy of the people who seem to love them. They're always presented so beautifully with different sauces and I always want to be part of the oyster lovers crowd. Several months ago, I was watching football with friends and I told them that one of my resolutions for the new year was to make 2010 the "year of adventure". Somehow, oysters came up and I committed to tackling my fear and facing an oyster challenge after the new year. This past Friday, our awesome friend, Jon, made reservations at Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar down in the East Village and I officially branched out as evidenced below:
I tried both east and west coast oysters and let me tell you, friends...I enjoyed it! :-o I was shocked and a little sad that it's taken me so long to try them. Actually, no. I make no apologies for waiting so long to try them when I remember just how violently ill I was so nevermind. :P Anyway, it was a blast. Go-karting and oysters in consecutive weekends, yes!

Ok, back to the farmers markets. Saturday, after my volunteering orientation, I soaked up every bit of the sun-filled afternoon. I went down to the farmers market in Union Square and I just fell in love. Since this was our first real "Spring" weekend, there wasn't much selection out like there will be in a month or so but there was still plenty to see and smell. I was shocked at how many apples (literally five or six kinds I've never even heard of!) were out because they're in season in fall but they were so fragrant and vibrant! My favorites were these little mini ones called 'lady apples':
Also, I about died seeing the size of these carrots:
They were HUGE and so bright. I think one of them might have equaled half a package! I also got excited at the different potatoes and the fresh purple top turnips:
I'm telling you, some girls like diamonds and shoes. Me? I like turnips and rutabaga. I honestly had a ball roaming around and absolutely can't wait for the warmer weather and more selection.

The rest of the weekend was spent outside, as well. I tried a new church service down at Gallery, had a terrible 4 mile run (booo!), then made up for it by joining a friend for ice cold beers after. It was a terrific weekend that was the right amount of activity and laziness. I just love that combo. ;) Now, off to enjoy the last week of my 20's...

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