Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Addicted To...

...FOOD! I'm absolutely not ashamed to admit it, either. I posted yesterday about the real reason I love food (cooking, of course!) but I get pretty darn excited about eating it, too. I've had a very slow day at work so I've spent it looking up recipes that are just wonderfully bad for you (helloooo crescent roll recipe ideas) to add to our Superbowl menu. Friends are coming over for the game and I decided well in advance that I wanted to make really bad food and enjoy the heck out of it. Yes, I have laughed at myself often for how far in advance I think about what food to make for an event but I seriously cannot help it. I'm addicted.

I'm a very healthy eater on a daily basis and I take nutrition/exercise very seriously. I've lifted weights forever and I really enjoy doing all forms of cardio. I was a big gym rat for years too, doing mostly kickboxing and weight classes, but I've gravitated away from that and do what I can to be outside for cardio. Of course, as mentioned in many posts, I also take running very seriously and I love it. I mention all of this because I honestly work out as hard as I do so that I can treat myself.

All of this said, I registered today for a fun little four mile race on Superbowl Sunday where you wear jerseys while running! I mean, how fun is that?! I decided I simply must do it and represent O'Hara and the Giants (since they clearly didn't represent themselves at all this season!) AND give my body a nice little jump start before ingesting macaroni and cheese, spinach dip, beer...oh, and there will likely be a couple, if not several, crescent roll surprises as well after looking at that link. :-o

Man, I love food.


Allison said...

Seubert will be running beside you (or actually behind you when you leave me in the dust) and my motivation for finishing the race will indeed be your spinach dip! Hope my table is big enough for all of the goodies I'm planning to gorge on... We are definitely related when it comes to our love of food.

Tally said...

...and who can you thank for crescent roll recipes?!? ;-)