Wednesday, January 13, 2010


With the start of a new year often comes new goals, aspirations, resolutions. There's excitement in the air and the feeling of possibility all around. For many, a new year brings hardship as well. It pains my heart to know that, for lots of people out there, another year might mean another year to battle illness or another year where they feel alone. I know that life is not all sunshine and rainbows, but that is precisely why I feel even more affirmed in my changed mindset.

This morning on the bus, I looked around at all the people on their way to wherever. I watched their faces as some looked weary, some looked refreshed, some looked angry. I saw a mother giggling with her two sons and I saw a man in his sharp suit reading the paper. I saw a woman dressed to the nines with an enormous diamond on her finger and I saw an old man in weathered jeans and shoes, no doubt freezing from his lack of proper winter clothing. I saw all of these individuals sitting right around me and wondered if I could ever be someone who could reach and affect all of those different types of people.

What I knew to be absolutely true as I glanced around is that I am meant for something great. I have no idea if that means being a mother or owning a business or leading a non-profit organization. It could mean I volunteer or sponsor a child or care for the elderly. It could mean a million different things but, the one thing I know, is that I am excited about the realm of possibilities out there for me. I believe that god refreshes our spirit with a sense of purpose when we are ready and able to hear his voice. I believe that, when we are prepared, he gives us the tools and armor to walk through this life with passion, zest, and vibrancy. He gives us that purpose and mindset of helping to change the world. I think that what so many people miss in this life is that each and every second of the day is a chance to be alive. An earthquake in Haiti just killed thousands of people two days ago. The heartbreak of that is the question of whether those people were ever lucky enough to know what I know or feel what I feel. Did some of them ever feel truly loved or were they accepted and cared for? Were their hearts treasured or lives embraced?

God is so good in how he showers us in grace and mercy and love. I feel alive in ways that give me purpose and hold meaning over my life. I feel enveloped in blessing for various reasons and sometimes I think that, if only I could spend five minutes with one of those strangers on the bus from today, perhaps I could help them feel loved, even for a second. Why must there be so much difficulty in this world where there should be one simple thing: love. If only we could all look at the world with new eyes and step forward with new purpose. If only each step we take could be a reflection of acceptance, love, non-judgment. If only we could see others as god sees us and lay down our lives in honor of love. There will always be uncertainty and lack of control in the world, always. It is what we do with that which determines our happiness.

I praise the lord for the small daily blessings he gives me which allow me to see the world now in these ways I mention. I know that 2010 is going to be amazing for me because I know the truth of where this happiness comes from. It is unbelievably comforting to have this hope and peace. I mention it all today because I outwardly challenge myself to keep walking forward in truth and light. I challenge myself to be open to any and all possibilities that are far outside what I think is "right". From there, I truly just might help change the world.

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