Wednesday, November 11, 2009

God Works In Mysterious Ways

You always hear people say that "god works in mysterious ways" and I've literally scoffed at that in the past. These days I feel differently. Yesterday, I was privileged enough to get the most thoughtful and encouraging note from an old high school friend. She had come to read my blog and was able to catch up on where I am in life and she empathized completely. She shared a bit of her heart with me about a similar experience she'd had with a breakup and how she found herself feeling empty, lost, alone. She told me how painful it was and how she felt she'd never go on. Then, she told me that she DID find strength through faith to carry on and that life took a totally different turn than she thought. That turn lead her to her terrific husband and the life she leads now. What a glorious blessing! Out of the blue, this gal literally reached out to me to share her sorrow in hopes that I could take comfort in the place I find myself currently. I thought it to be so touching and a complete gift from god. She encouraged me to press onward and to not lose faith, assuring me that god has something greater in store.

How often do we pray for a "sign" from god or for an answer to let us know he hears us? I have asked over and over for the lord to hold me up and sustain me in this time of change but I've mainly asked for a way to "see" him here on earth. I cannot even list all the little things that have been happening to me lately that are absolute examples of his presence. I'm being strengthened daily in the strangest of ways but I truly believe that my prayer is being answered. This is not coincidence. To receive that note from sweet Amanda yesterday was another completely unexpected (yet tremendous!) way that I know god is listening. In moments like these, I know truly that god very much does work in mysterious ways.

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