Monday, November 23, 2009

The Countdown Has Begun

I came into work this morning already mentally checked out for the week. My boss doesn't come in until later this afternoon, I've gotten totally caught up on work, and I can only think of Thanksgiving food. This is gonna make for a looooong day. However, I'm still smiling from having such a fun weekend! I had beers with friends, did all the Thanskgiving shopping with Allison, heard an awesome sermon at church, and had the greatest football Sunday to date. First off, Allison and I did great this year not going overboard with the food shopping. Most people know that we cook enough to feed an army each Thanksgiving so we made it a goal not to go crazy this time. However, there will still be enough stuffing made to feed us for a week. :D That's become my favorite dish over the mashed potatoes so, since it's Allison's favorite as well, of course you know we have to make a gluttonous amount. Anyway, I'm absolutely counting down for Thursday and I'm just so excited to eat delicious food, thank the good lord above for so very much, and to share an eight year old tradition with my sister.

Back to Sunday. We do football every week at a little bar called Citibar in my old neighborhood. The manager, Derrick, has been so good to us since the first day we came in. I love getting people together there to bring him business and we've gotten a nice little crowd of regulars together for Sundays. Anyway, the owner is friends with retired Giants punter, Sean Landeta, and he actually agreed to do an appearance there yesterday afternoon:
Derrick had told us about this last week but I'd never have thought it would be so much fun. Sean brought his Superbowl and other championship rings for people to see and he had his original jersey and helmet. I mean, we were like little kids playing around, taking pictures, was honestly so fun. He spent the most time with our group and it didn't hurt for him to see us gals representing in our jerseys either, hehe. It was a blast:
I just had to make a note of all this because we really spent the day laughing and enjoying being together. It seemed to be fitting as a way to kick off Thanksgiving week and I was able to just smile as I went to bed last night knowing just how blessed I am with the people I have in my life. So, that said, I begin the countdown to turkey day and can already taste the stuffing. 3 more days...

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