Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brigantine Or Bust

It's shameful that I'm working on posts at the end of October that happened in July and August. I've honestly had no spare time to breathe lately and it makes me sad. Even down time at work has been filled up with random, odd projects so here I am finally trying to make a dent in a few things I've been up to recently.

Summer in the city was fabulous as usual. Rooftop parties, patio cocktails, live music, weekend getaways, evening strolls in the name it, I did it. I absolutely love summer here. I didn't get out of town this year as much as I usually do so, being that I was itching to get away, I decided a summer Brigantine trip simply had to happen. I decided to ask Rachel, Allison and Suzanne if they'd be up to going and I got a collectively resounding 'yes'!

Brigantine, NJ holds such a special place in my heart due to my time there with Erica. Visiting her family and where she grew up was something we'd look forward to over the years and, while it's so odd going without her, I love that it's such a close town to the city. Located just a couple of hours away from NYC (and less than ten minutes from Atlantic City), Brig is your quintessential beach town. It's a super small island, there are only a couple of bars and restaurants around and it's as casual as you can get. I love bumming around in flops and t-shirts no matter where you go and it's honestly a place you want to go for true relaxing.

On the absolute hottest day of the year, the four of us gals hopped in the car on our way only to run into two hours of standstill traffic sitting outside the tunnel. Yeah, that wasn't fun. We weren't letting anything get us down though so eventually we were on our way, lunchables and all:
 Yeah, very very hot:
We finally got to Brig around 8:00pm and, naturally, we went straight to the beach bar:
We spent the most awesome two days just sitting in the sun, eating cheesesteaks (an absolute must in Brig), talking, laughing, relaxing...simply enjoying each others' company and loving being out of the city:
 This one's for you, Erica:
Best night, ever (pay no attention to my hair):
I adore these women and time spent with them is both hilarious and meaningful. I can't even say how happy I am that we had this little getaway together. Hooray, summer!

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