Friday, July 22, 2011

Wheels Are In Motion

On this ridiculously hot Friday, I'm so pleased to report that my first week of marathon training has gone exceptionally well. I've run three times this week and each run has been solid and pain free. I've felt a little tightness through my IT band but no pain, yes! It's amazing how incredibly sore I was after getting back out on the road for the first time since March. Though I've been intensely riding my bike regularly, there are so many muscles that ached after running which shows just how different the muscle groups are that you use on the bike. I'll take being sore any day if it means I have a strong run with no knee pain. It's weird to talk about this as though I'm just starting to run for the first time. However, when you're out of the game for a bit, you really notice. I can happily say without a doubt that boxing and biking have increased my stamina tenfold. After my first three miles on day one, I felt completely strong and stabilized. I could've kept running with no issue and I really think it's because my core has gotten much stronger and, as mentioned, my stamina and endurance has gotten so much better. God has truly answered my prayers, that's all I know. One day, one run at a time is the only way I'm choosing to view my training.

In other news, the New Balance team has officially been picked and the wheels are in motion! We'll all be "attending" a webinar next week and our running gear should arrive shortly after. I'm really excited to get this sponsorship underway! Stay tuned...

Hope everyone stays cool this weekend with the nasty heatwave. I'm heading out of town to the beach in ten minutes so my weekend is officially about to begin. :) Happy Friday and weekend to all!

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