Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Balance Picked Me?!

I'm very very excited about this post today. It's going to be the first of many that I'm excited about (I hope!) but I write today with some awesome news. I was chosen to be sponsored by New Balance in the NYC marathon this year! A friend of mine read about how and New Balance were looking for 15 runners (yes, I'm 1 out of only 15!) to sponsor so she sent me the information. I decided to apply because a) I had nothing to lose and b) I really didn't think I'd get it. Well...I did and I'm beyond thrilled about it! I definitely think my being qualified already for the marathon was a big part of it all but who cares, I'm totally psyched for the opportunity.

I've loved New Balance for years so this is such a special opportunity to represent them specifically. To this day, my favorite running tights are New Balance and I don't foresee myself using another brand even outside of this sponsorship. To begin, they're sending me shoes and a running shirt to train in so I'll get to see how the products actually work for me. I'm pretty pumped about the shoes as they're the new 890 REVlite which seem amazing!

As a sponsored athlete, there are certain commitments I agree to making which I find fun and challenging. One of the more significant things I'll be doing is blogging about my training and how the product is working for me. I'll also be participating in online forums and discussions, answering questions that outside members might have and posting other relevant content about both the marathon and New Balance. It's a unique opportunity to get really involved with the brand and to have a higher level of motivation as I train.

I hope you'll follow along with me as I begin my training journey that will ultimately bring me to finishing out a long time dream. Onward and upward I go!    

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Cassie said...

My name is Cassie and I got picked too. I am stoked and cannot wait to start blogging about training. (I was google searching the NB Ambassador thing to find out more and happened upon your blog, btw)