Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Day

I had myself a very full weekend! I already wrote about going to the cheese/beer pairing and Eataly, but I must also mention what a fantastic Saturday night I had, too.

Joel came to visit for the weekend so I was excited to see him and to get a crew together to go out. I met Camille in the west village first before heading over to meet her buddy, Dave. He was in town from Austin and manages a bunch of bands performing at the CMJ Festival that was happening all last week. We already had plans to see Robbie Gil later on but we met Dave early to check out some other stuff. He was so awesome and got us into a show at Bowery Ballroom, only we all got caught up talking instead. He leads such an insane and fascinating life. I could have talked to him all night.

After that, we went to meet Joel for a quick beer at Marshall Stack and then it was off to Rockwood for Robbie Gil. Holy crap, what a show! I don't know whether it was because he was a part of CMJ this year or what but this was one of the best Robbie Gil shows I've seen in quite some time. The energy was vibrant and his soul was on that stage in each song, particularly 'How's Colorado'. I was really glad to introduce Joel and his friends to it. From there, we all hung out for the next four hours, no kidding. It was a GREAT night.

This post wasn't even supposed to be about Saturday night but ooops. I like to write a lot, sue me. Instead, I was going to tell you about our lovely walk across the Brooklyn Bridge on Sunday afternoon! I'm embarrassed to say that I've lived here nearly five years and never done that. Ohhh well, there's a first time for everything. Joel's bus wasn't until 9:00pm so we took advantage of the whole day just leisurely walking across and into Brooklyn. The bridge is just so magnificent. I get really amazed by architecture like that. It seems impossible to build such a tremendous structure like the Brooklyn Bridge and it honestly blows my mind. I kick myself for taking so long to walk across. I really liked this shot of Camille and I:
We meandered around in Brooklyn for a while and stopped into Jacques Torres where I wanted to buy out the store. I mean, they even had chocolate covered cheerios! We walked some more after pausing near the waterfront and got some dinner at a tiny little mexican joint that had the most delicious tamales. I've actually been craving them since!

I really need to take more advantage of things like this before I leave New York. I never want to regret not doing so. It was just such a great day (and weekend!) all around. :)

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