Monday, October 18, 2010

Moms Are The Best

What a beautiful weekend we had! I don't think I'll ever get used to how quickly they pass. October has been gorgeous here in the city. I love it so much! It might even be the best Fall I've seen since moving here.

On Friday, I was so thrilled to finally meet Camille's mom, Perry. I've now met Camille's whole family and it's so special to me. Before heading to dinner, I swung by a happy hour with some friends I hadn't seen in ages. After a quick beer, I made my way to the west village and met everyone at De Santos. I was excited to try it after a friend recently told me about his awesome evening there. What a cozy and welcoming space it is! The building itself has its own interesting story which I find so cool. You can read about it if you click the link above. Anyway, we had a fabulous time chatting with Perry and getting to know her. I see so much of Camille in her and I loved being able to spend that time together. I had a terrific homemade pasta dish with sausage and shallots, mmm.

On our way to grab a drink after dinner, we stopped into Jeffrey's to take a look. My friend, Will, is co-owner of the spot and it just opened on October 5th. It's a totally unique idea that crosses a market with a restaurant and I'm really looking forward to having dinner there, soon! For those of you in New York, please stop in too and support this venture for Will. I want it to do so well for him. :)

We brought Perry to Bobo which is a favorite spot of ours and had one last drink before heading home. I swear, I love that place so much. I really enjoyed the evening and being with Perry definitely made me miss my own sweet mom. Moms are just so special and I was glad we could share such a meaningful evening together.

The rest of the weekend was terrific with a friend's 30th birthday celebration, a coffee date with Colleen Sunday morning, and a super fun football afternoon. Life really is good. :)

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